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American Elite "Wise Men" Who Betrayed USA - Aaron Dykes

Using a cache of recently obtained secret Bilderberg group documents along with other historical documentation, Jones and Dykes paint an ominous picture of the open plans of globalist Robber Barons to subjugate the citizens of the US.

5 Billion on Elites Hitlist - "Half the World Must Die" - Infowars

Aldous Huxley -- The Ultimate Revolution -- A Blueprint to Enslave the Masses

The Globalist War on Individualism - Charlotte Iserbyt - 'Skull & Bones'

From Major Jordan's Diaries - The Truth about the US and USSR

Congressional Record Regarding British-Khazar Zionist World Government and the U.S.A.

Bilderberg Data Dump - A Collection of Leaked Secret Documents - 1966 - InfoWars

Socialism - A Tool of the Capitalist Elite -- Antony Sutton 1976 Lecture

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - Stan Monteith

Red-Symphony - Global Enslavement using Usury-Capitalism and Communism

The EndgamE Movie - Companion Free Library v1

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Producer Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones
Audio/Visual sound, color


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